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Definition of Mythology

(plural mythologies)


1: an allegorical narrative

2: a body of myths such as

 a: the myths dealing with the gods, demigods, and legendary heroes of a particular people


3: a popular belief or assumption that has grown up around someone or something


These portraits are of prominent figures from pantheons all over the world.  I was enticed to paint/illustrate them due to fascinating ideas the a few wild figures could encapsulate so much about a culture's idea of existence and meaning.  When I selected the various gods/demigods/powerful spirits the are showcased in this gallery, I decided to depict them with symbolism pertaining directly to their individual legends rather than their usual iconography.


Each portrait was created with watercolor and ink. and is priced $120.


Some of them may or may not be modeled after people you see around this bar.  Who knows.


If there are no longer any portraits for sale and you would like to buy one/if you like the style but would like something else entirely; I am available for commission.  Feel free to email me with any inquires at


Meghan Owen






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