Artists of the Month - Liz Gaurracino

Liz Guarracino is a Photographer & Artist from NYC. She studied Photography at the Colorado Institute of Art and has been Exhibited in Denver, LA and most recently in Brooklyn, New York. 
Her work was recognized by the Riverdale Press in October of 2018 and was interviewed for her work photographing Ice. She was also featured on News12 The Bronx in the same month.
Liz is currently working as a Set Photographer on a short film. Her success as a Set Photographer started on the set of the short film DANNI which is currently streaming on Amazon US, UK and Vimeo. Her work as PR Assistant on that film also led to it being mentioned on the front page of the Seoul Times for its inclusion in the Seoul Lift-Off Festival. 
  "To have a Photograph I took featured in Korea as well as seeing the poster on Amazon is surreal". 
Other projects are in the works as well as her continued work with Joseph Ralph Fraia at Livein Magazine where her photography has been featured in multiple issues.


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