Artists of the Month - Kristin Cherian




Kristin Cherian is a self-taught visual artist who primarily works with acrylic paints to create abstract works. Kristin's inspiration stems from her determination to unapologetically uphold her self-identity amidst the burdensome expectations of her cultural heritage in the efforts to find peace and balance. Her artwork is a visual platform that aspires to bring about curiosity to the narrow-minded, emotional disturbance to the comfortable, and empowerment to the silenced.

The "Exploration" collection is intended to encourage examination of the physical and metaphysical forces that influence our thoughts and desires, our inhibitions and impulses, and what piques our interests. I often incorporate the use of eyes into my artwork to signify the exploration of the realms of higher consciousness within the setting of each piece. I hope to arouse inquiry about the internal and external forces that play into our existence in the universe through the study of science, spiritualities, and philosophies. People often ask me why I paint female bodies and, especially, vaginas. As a female, I find it important to be aware of what pleases me physically and to be openly comfortable with my sexuality in the face of backlash. By painting features of the female body, I hope to inspire all women to explore for themselves what pleases them and to be comfortable with whatever it may be. Whether it be sexuality or spirituality, I admire and desire to inspire the curiosity to explore deeper. 


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