Artists of the Month - Diana McShane


Diana McShane lives in The Bronx, and her exhibition displays her work with acrylic pours. Having been raised outside of Boston, Diana attended Fordham University and has spent the vast majority of the last decade living in the borough. She took painting and ceramic classes in school and has always had a deep appreciation for the creative world.

A longtime lover of art, Diana dove back into pursuing art as a hobby when she and her husband were planning their wedding. She decided to hand sculpt and paint all the table numbers in the Mexican Talavera tile style using bake-at-home clay and acrylic paint. After the wedding, the couple’s roommate moved out and Diana was able to realize her dream of turning their second bedroom into an art studio.

Her work is inspired by music, nature, and the universe, all of which can be seen in this show. The McShanes love to travel the world and enjoy live musical performances by many psychedelic rock bands, and that combination had sparked Diana’s love of bold, colorful, abstract art. She is grateful for the opportunity to share her passion and vision with the community and looks forward to continuing her painting journey.

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