Artists of the Month

Christine Nelson

I spent most of my days drawing and sketching which became an outlet for me to express my feelings, thoughts and desires, artistically rather than verbally. Following High School, I attended Hofstra University where I majored in Graphic Design and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree. The love and passion that I soon developed for a variety of mediums became the basis for my designs. Upon entering the work field after graduation, I had the opportunity to design for the following firms: Cline, Davis and Mann, Direggio Advertising, BJ’ s Wholesale Club and in 1992 I started freelancing and continue to work as a freelance artist under the name of Major N Designs. However, in 1996, I suffered from a stroke which paralyzed the right side of my body and has ultimately affected my expressive and receptive language skills. Since my injury I have had extensive rehabilitation in order to relearn all of my developmental milestones (walking,and talking). Despite my disability I continue to design and live my life prior to my injury.


Despite my disability I continue to design and live my life prior to my injury. I’d like to serve as an example for people who have experienced these types of brain trauma, convinced that we remain vital members of the community. I love my work! I am very devoted to my work and am always improving upon it. Through hard work and dedication I have exhibited my designs at Venezuelan Consult Gallery (Feb. 2005) and Lincoln Center, Cork Gallery (2004). In addition, spring 2005, I completed a residency at the Robert M. Macnamara Foundation in Maine for artists.


Twitter @ma444jn