Artists of the Month - Eduardo Anievas

Eduardo Anievas Cortines’ paintings approach different subjects: figure, cityscape, landscape, abstractions, still lifes, and portraits. Central in much of Eduardo’s work is the interplay between figure and background, using the figure as negative space to contextualize an abstracted, geometric background which becomes the subject of the painting. His figures are shaped by gesture and his geometry sometimes suggests an environment but is often pure abstraction. Eduardo was born in Santander, a city on the north coast of Spain, in 1973. He earned a Master’s degree in fine art from the University of Fine Arts in Salamanca in 1996 and then moved to Passau, Germany and began his life as a full-time artist, selling still lives of flowers and fruits and painting portraits by commission. After a year in Portugal and a sojourn to China and Tibet, Eduardo moved to New York City. His paintings have been exhibited in the United States, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria and Portugal. In New York, Eduardo has exhibited in galleries, cultural centers, restaurants, nightclubs, on the streets of Manhattan and in his Open Studio Series in Long Island City, Queens.


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